Monday, November 15, 2010


Recently filmed a short commercial for Shelby Patricks new thriller novel, When Angels Sing. Very good read and makes wonderful gifts :)


It's about time I make another blog post :) Even though I feel like I'm talking to myself, cuz not sure anyone reads

School is going great, but can be very stressful with the amount of work. I came across a wonderful opportunity to apply for an internship in Florida at Walt Disney World, or California at Disneyland. It sounded so cool, I jumped at the chance. Since I have never been to either one, I couldn't pass up the chance to get an internship there. It's a long internship, about a year. But you can take classes over there and credit will be given, so it sounded like a cool opportunity not to pass up. I watched the presentation and was gonna call the following week for an interview, but turns out they said they were no longer recruiting for the Spring. I was disappointed because they just came into my school a week ago, and talked about it. Then a week later, they no longer are recruiting. So I'll probably not get the chance to go there, because the next time they are recruiting is for the fall and chances are, I will almost be done with school by then.

But anyways the holidays are coming up. My favorite time of when the stores stay open later :) Pumpkin, eggnog, gingerbread, who could ask for more? :) Not looking forward to the freezing weather though. So.....what's everyone doing for the holidays?

Anyone joining in on the Jimmy Kimmel National Unfriend Day on Wednesday?? :)