Friday, July 30, 2010

What is happening in this world???

Why can't anyone just be nice anymore? What happened to people just helping others out? I mean, I got tons of bills every month, 2 cats to take care and an apartment to pay for that I do all myself. I mean, adding all that up, it's roughly probably more than I make at my job. But yet, many people seem to think I have all the money in the world. How??? I feel like I'm paying my own job just to work there. It's crazy, and with the economy these days, you can't just quit your job and find another one.

So, as I was saying, why can't anyone ever help each other out? My family, for example, they charge for everything and can never do a favor for just for the fun of it. Well, certain people in my family anyways. How pathetic is it that your own family can't even help out???

And that ends my rant for today lol :)

Monday, July 19, 2010


Sooooo, does anyone actually believe in being cursed?? Well, either my car is cursed or it's me. Maybe I shouldn't be driving? I have only been driving for about 4-5 years and 4 times I have been rear ended. Can you believe that? It's ridiculous having to pay a $500 deductible each time. I don't have that kind of money!

Apparently the majority of the cars that hit me must not have insurance. They keep running away! First my tailight gets smashed, the guy backs up all the way down the road and turns to go another way. UM...HELLO???? It was on a main road, how come no one came forward and became a witness in my case??? Then I get hit in a parking lot and no one sees what happens. I wasn't in the car, so I had no idea who hit me. Crazy!! One of the reasons I hate driving is because I can't stand the other idiots on the road!

Sooooo many people need to take another driving test, because they don't know how to drive!

ok, here ends my car rant ;) Anyone got any other car stories they wanna tell? lol

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hi everyone. Welcome to my random blog of nothingness where I post about the lively world around me, ha! Enjoy! :)